Eyebrow Microblading


No more drawing on your brows every morning! Eyebrow Microblading is the perfect semi-permanent solution for beautiful, hassle-free brows. 

Natural looking micro strokes are placed into the eyebrow are with a sterilized single-use hand tool that simulates the finest, realistic eyebrow hair stokes. It doesn't matter how full or spare your brows are, men and women wanting a few hairs to shape their existing brows up to those needing full brows due to hair loss from Alopecia find Microblading to be the perfect solution to their brow problems. No brow is too large or too small!

The process requires two sessions. It's a little biology, some chemistry mixed with a little bit of magic and no two clients retain the pigment in the same way. A person's skin chemistry and external factors play key rolls in how long the tattoo will last. Factors like sun exposure, use of facial exfollients and how well the client follows the aftercare instructions (during the healing period) will determine how the pigment maintains in tattooed area.  For those reasons, the second session is mandatory to properly complete the brow's shape and colour. 

The second COMPLIMENTARY FOLLOW-UP SESSION IS INCLUDED in the cost of the service if booked within 8-12 weeks from first session. 

After 12 weeks from first session, the Follow-up session will be charged at 1/2 of the original service price.

After 24 weeks from first session, full original service price will be charged.

I do my best to accommodate everyone's busy schedule but it does get busy around the studio therefore a non-refundable deposit is required to secure your booking.

$400 for First Session

$100 for Follow-up (Must be done within 3 months after First Session)

Upper Eyeliner 


Permanent Eyeliner is tattooed using a sterilized, single-use cartridge and a pen-like machine-similar to a conventional tattoo machine, just smaller and more quiet. A topical anesthetic numbs the area to keep you comfortable through the procedure. 

Cosmetic tattooing of eyeliner will give permanent results. Intensity of results will vary depending on how well you follows their aftercare instructions, your unique skin chemistry, sun exposure and use of facial exfollient products and procedures. 

Typically, only one session is required. One session is included in price. Any follow-ups appointments (relating to your initial eyeliner appointment) should BE MADE VIA EMAIL REQUEST and will be charged at a follow-up price, dependant on the individual circumstance. 

You can choose from three gorgeous styles of Eyeliner Micropigmentation:

UPPER LASHLINE ENHANCEMENT gently enhances your upper eyelash line with a brown or black pigment. A natural and subtle option, it gives your eyes a freshly defined look without looking like you are wearing eye make-up. Pretty little lies.    $400


BABY WINGS OR 'LITTLE CAT'S EYE' gives your eyes a small boost with this tasteful and stylized take on the traditional and chic 'cat's eye'. Choose any pigment shade you want for a dramatic look although classic brown or black will never disappoint. When in doubt, wing it out.   $500


BOLD WINGS OR 'MAMA CAT'S EYE' is for those firecrackers out there that have loved and lived a bold wing for years and can't imagine wearing anything else. Bold is beautiful.    $600

Scalp, Beard & hairline restoration


Microblading and Micropigmentation services are not just for women! Men too are benefitting from both the permanent and non-permanent options available. Fill in a sparse beard or restore your original hairline with hyper-realistic, micro hair strokes. Your unique hair colouring and hair growth patterns are replicated to a natural result.  

Scalp, beard & hairline sessions are each extremely unique by nature and generally, these appointments are billed on an hourly basis. A consultation will be required before an appointment can be set. Consultations can be conducted via email, if necessary.